SCS Personality

Your SCS Personality Type is

Large Azure Square
Large Azure Square (LAS)

Large Azure Square personalities are

More witty, ambitious, emotional, dynamic, and careful than the average person1.

71 out of 1690 people – 4.2% of total – belong to the same SCS personality type as you do.


What are the strengths of the SCS Personality Test?

The SCS Personality Test has 27 different personality types – more than many popular personality tests. At the moment, one can expect to share his or her SCS personality type with only 7.0% of the world population, meaning that you are already part of an exclusive group of people.

The SCS Personality Test differs from many other tests in that its results are dynamic2. The test will, by design, become more accurate as more people participate. As a dynamic test, the SCS Personality Test is able to track large scale changes in our society and adapt to new, significantly different socio-political situations that arise in the future.

Is it possible to use the SCS Personality Test in recruiting?

Absolutely! The members of the SCS Personality Working Group3 believe that the SCS Personality Test is as useful in recruiting as many of the tests already in use today. You are free to use the version on this web site for your purposes.

If you seriously consider performing a large-scale application of the SCS Personality Test, we recommend that you contact beforehand so that we may advise you on the degree of credibility you should give to the SCS Personality Test results.

I am impressed with the test and its high quality results! Is there more information available?

The SCS Personality Working Group is constantly elevated of the fact that a well-designed presentation can make even the most trivial application seem impressive. You are welcome to contact with more detailed questions.

To test yourself

1 According to experts in the field, i.e., people who identify themselves as Large Azure Square personalities.

2 Results are based on the G-test of observed and expected adjective frequencies and present words with the highest related G value for the SCS Personality Type.

3 The SCS Personality Working Group consists of a programmer, a designer, and a lead scientist who may all be the same person. The working group does not include an accredited psychologist. We consider this test statistically and aesthetically valid, but grant that it has no psychological basis.